The Christmas Contest Give her a great Christmas gift!

The new contest is here! Cast your votes to boost your favorite girls into fame and help them win fabulous Christmas gifts in cash. Be their Santa Claus!

The contest has ended
Thanks for participating!

Here are the highest ranking girls:

This is a user vote-based contest for the girls of monlive. Starting at 8th December (Fri) at noon CET till 23 December (Sat) noon you are able to vote for the girl or girls you like best during chat. Every vote you give your favorite helps them to get higher in the overall ranking. Girls with the most votes at the end win the biggest prizes - simple as that.

You get 1 FREE vote per day you can give to your beloved girls. The option to vote appears on chat. You can also cast extra votes any time to make sure your favorite wins.

Help your favorites to get more recognition and show your love by helping them to win a prize, they will be grateful to you!

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